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Monday, February 20, 2012


by Richard Mosher

Another winner recommended from my mother!  This is a lovely story about a young Vietnamese girl who lives in France with her "grandfather" who adopts her as a young child after her parents are killed.  Its a young adult novel, with a lovely setting and place, some history of WWII, some sadness, and even a little bit of young love.  Mind you the "romance" part is not heavy or overbearing, and it does not overpower the rest of the story, but adds a nice element of happiness into a story that has some sadness within it.

Zazoo is a young girl who struggles a bit with who she is and her identity.  Is she Vietnamese, or French, or something else?  And she begins to learn that her grandfather is not who he used to be, and has a past that has pain and anguish in it.  As she learns more about his history and hers as well, she learns that no one is perfect, and that all of us make good and bad choices.  It is a story about forgiveness and learning to live with the past. 

I especially loved the setting of this story, the lovely descriptions of the canal, of Zazoo in her boat, and of the small house she shares with her grandfather, who is slowly slipping into forgetfulness.  Its a touching story with a hint of romance and a wonderful story about forgiving, but never forgetting those we love and lose.

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